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[Takayama village's free-range egg Muratama] 3 types of pudding set (6 pieces, 3 types x 2 pieces)

[Takayama village's free-range egg Muratama] 3 types of pudding set (6 pieces, 3 types x 2 pieces)

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Cool delivery. Up to 2 sets can be bundled together. Please note that if you order 3 or more sets or if you order different shipping dates, the shipping charges will change. Since it will be shipped from Nagano Prefecture, it will be delivered to Honshu on Friday and Hokkaido, Kyushu, and Shikoku on Saturday at the earliest.

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A set of 3 types of egg pudding made from cage-free chickens that allow you to enjoy the natural gentle taste of eggs.

A special pudding set made with eggs from chickens raised in the great outdoors of Nagano Prefecture. You can enjoy 3 types of pudding.

We will ship the product on the same day it is manufactured in order to deliver the freshly made taste.

set content
Mukashi pudding (Free-range egg Muratama from Takayama village) x 2
Salt pudding (Free-range egg Muratama from Takayama village) x 2
Organic matcha pudding (Daichi no Tamago Yudanaka Onsen Pudding Honpo) x 2

【raw materials】
・Mukashi pudding (milk, eggs, raw sugar)
・Salt pudding (milk, eggs, raw sugar, sun-dried salt, vanilla beans)
・Organic matcha pudding (milk, raw sugar, eggs, black beans/organic black soybeans/organic sugar/hon mirin/malt starch syrup/salt, matcha, vanilla beans)

This is an additive-free pudding that does not use fragrances or preservatives. Please enjoy your meal as soon as possible.

You can also add greetings such as ``Summer greetings'' and ``Last summer greetings.''


Mukashi pudding
Free-range egg Muratama from Takayama village

A traditional firm pudding made with free-range Muratama eggs from Takayama Village.
The ingredients are really simple. There are only three ingredients: Muratama eggs, morning-squeezed raw milk (produced in Yamanouchi, Nagano Prefecture), and raw sugar (produced in Kagoshima).

The recipe is less sweet and uses more caramel instead.

Muratama's eggs, which are raised free-range with a particular focus on food, have no odor, making this pudding a pudding that allows you to enjoy the subtle sweet aroma and taste of eggs.


Salt pudding
Free-range egg Muratama from Takayama village

This pudding is also made with free-range Muratama eggs from Takayama Village, and is smooth and melty even without fresh cream. This is also less sweet.

This recipe uses Muratama eggs, morning-squeezed raw milk (from Yamanouchi, Nagano Prefecture), raw sugar (from Kagoshima), French sun-dried salt, and natural vanilla beans.

You might be surprised to add salt to pudding, but it goes surprisingly well.
There's so much salt in it that you can barely feel it, so if you're served without saying a word, you might not even notice that it contains salt. !
I thought it would be great to replenish minerals in the body with mineral-rich sea salt.

Which do you prefer, traditional hard pudding or smooth salted pudding? Although the ingredients used are almost the same, the texture changes by changing the amount of ingredients. Although it is a simple recipe, you can enjoy the taste of the ingredients, so please try it and compare.


Organic Matcha Pudding
Yudanaka Onsen Pudding Honpo

Yudanaka Onsen Pudding Honpo is a pudding specialty store that is located in Nagano Prefecture, the same as Muratama, and makes pudding using free-range eggs called Daichi no Tamago. Muratama pudding is also made at Yudanaka Onsen Pudding Honpo.

Organic matcha pudding is a popular pudding at Yudanaka Onsen Pudding Honpo's physical store, and is a special product made with plenty of fragrant high-grade matcha ordered from Shizuoka, the home of tea. Black beans are an accent.

Of course, none of our puddings use additives such as preservatives. Please enjoy your meal as soon as possible. The expiration date is approximately 5 days from the date of manufacture.


What is Free-range egg?

Free-range raising means raising chickens in large coops where the chickens can roam on the ground.

More than 90% of poultry farms in Japan raise chickens in cages (birdcages/pens), but each chicken has only about the size of a B5 size space, making it like a crowded train where they can't even stretch their wings.
Keeping chickens in cages has been completely banned in the EU since 2012 from the perspective of animal welfare, and has also been banned in some states in the United States and Australia.

Free-range chickens with sufficient space are free from stress, and Muratama and Daichi eggs grow healthy chickens without the use of antibiotics or other drugs.

Free-range eggs are a valuable resource that only makes up a small percentage of poultry farms because they are difficult in terms of space and labor, but I would be happy if you could support us by eating free-range eggs 🥰


Circulating natural chicken farming Takayama Village's free-range eggs Muratama

Both humans and birds have bodies made up of what they eat.

Muratama chickens are raised in a mountain village in Nagano Prefecture that is rich in nature.

Muratama's chickens are raised on a diet of homemade fermented rice bran feed, vegetables and grains from around Takayama Village, soup stock made from kelp and bonito flakes from hot spring inns, oyster shells for calcium, and natural creatures and grass. I am.
No imported grains are given.

The chickens are not kept in cages, which is common in chicken farming, but in a large chicken coop and exercise area, where they can play as they please and live happily.

Therefore, Muratama eggs do not have the characteristic odor of eggs and have a refreshing aftertaste.
The eggs will be a beautiful lemon yellow color.

Muratama's chickens, raised carefree and stress-free, do not require antibiotics or other drugs.

Healthy chickens will produce healthy eggs.

We have created something simple and truly delicious with a gentle taste that will please your mind and body.

We will ship nationwide.

(In the photo, the Yudanaka Onsen pudding contains fruit pudding, but it is an organic matcha pudding.)

*Shipped every Thursday by cool delivery
*Best before date is Tuesday of the following week
*Shipped directly from the manufacturer, Yudanaka Onsen Pudding Honpo.
*Cannot be bundled with other products. Please note that if you order other products at the same time, additional shipping charges will be incurred.
*Please refrain from eating if you have allergies to eggs or milk.


Free-range eggs Muratama from Takayama village Instagram
Muratama Instagram

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