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[Muratama egg trial flight] Egg-cooked rice set with Muratama egg and new rice

[Muratama egg trial flight] Egg-cooked rice set with Muratama egg and new rice

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Shipping charges for 1 set start from 930 yen, 2 sets start at 1,150 yen and vary depending on the delivery area. For orders of 3 or more sets, we will provide a separate quote.

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A set of 12 Muratama free-range eggs and 1kg of pesticide-free rice. Enjoy delicious egg-cooked rice that will make your body happy!

\\We are currently accepting reservations for the new rice set for 2023. //

Due to the decrease in the number of eggs being laid, we are taking more time to prepare eggs.

Eggs from Muratama chickens are grown in good health in a spacious chicken house and playground, with careful attention to feed.
Because the male protects the herd, the females can live in peace (though not 100% fertile eggs).
At Muratama, we raise our chickens free-range, with lots of love and in a stress-free environment, resulting in healthy chickens without the use of antibiotics or other drugs.

Most of the eggs sold in supermarkets are from foreign chickens.
At Muratama, we raise the rare domestic chicken breeds Sakura and Momiji produced in Gifu.
Muratama also went to Gifu to pick up a newborn chick!

The two types of chickens have different personalities and the taste of their eggs is slightly different.

Sakura chicken egg
The eggs have a light brown shell color with a slight cherry color . It is characterized by its large, rich yolk.

Momiji chicken eggs
These eggs have a brown shell color and are called akadama. It has a rich and sweet taste.

set content
◆2 packs of 3 each of Sakura and Momiji chicken eggs for a total of 12 eggs (can be changed to just Sakura eggs, etc.)
◆1 kg of new rice from rice farmer Doronko Matsuri (If you do not specify, we will send Sasashigure polished rice. You can also change to Sasashigure brown rice, Akitakomachi polished rice, or brown rice)

What is free range?

Free-range raising means raising chickens in large coops where the chickens can roam on the ground.

More than 90% of poultry farms in Japan raise chickens in cages (birdcages/pens), which provides only about B5-sized space for each chicken, making it like a crowded train where they can't even stretch their wings.
Keeping chickens in cages has been completely banned in the EU since 2012 from the perspective of animal welfare, and has also been banned in some states in the United States and Australia.

Free-range chickens with sufficient space are free from stress, and healthy chickens are raised without the use of antibiotics or other drugs.

Free-range eggs are a valuable resource that only makes up a small percentage of poultry farms, as they are difficult in terms of space and labor, but we hope that you will support us by eating free-range and cage-free eggs, not just from Muratama but from other companies as well. I'm happy🥰

The eggs Muratama sends are unwashed eggs. Since there is no damage to the cuticle layer due to washing, it can be stored for a long time. It can be eaten raw for up to 3 weeks if stored below 20℃.
Please wash the eggs before using them.
(If the cause of your egg allergy is the ingredients used to disinfect and sterilize eggs during washing, you can eat unwashed eggs.)

At Free-Range Egg Muratama in Takayama Village, we raise our chickens from newly born chicks.
Considering work efficiency, most poultry farms start raising chickens from chickens that have grown up to the point where they can lay eggs. The cost of feeding them during the period when they are not laying eggs also increases.

Still, Muratama raises chicks from scratch. This is because the body of a chick is formed by what it eats from an early age.

The bait is a homemade mixture of fermented rice bran and vegetables grown near Takayama Village, Nagano Prefecture.

We do not use commercially available mixed feed. Therefore, there is no need to worry about genetically modified crops or post-harvest (agrochemical treatment after harvest) residues in imported grains.

Chickens that are fed safe food and are raised freely in a large chicken house and playground have less stress and develop strong bodies.
There is no need to administer drugs such as antibiotics, and the plants will grow vigorously.
We also do not cut the beak (debeak), which is done at many poultry farms.

Muratama's chickens are raised with so much love that they come to you when you call their name.

And healthy chickens will produce healthy eggs.

Along with free-range eggs from Takayama Village, Muratama eggs.
We will also deliver the 2023 new rice of the rice farmer Doronko Festival.

A rice field in Takayama Village, Nagano Prefecture, which is located in the middle mountains at an altitude of 500 meters and is rich in nature.
Delicious rice is grown thanks to clean air, water, and a climate with varying temperatures.
We do not use pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, or livestock compost, and we grow our rice in rice fields where fireflies and other natural creatures live.

Unless otherwise specified, we will deliver polished rice of the Sasashigure variety in the set.

Sasashigure is not hybridized with glutinous rice strains such as sticky Koshihikari, so it has the original aroma and taste of traditional glutinous rice. This variety is rich in amylose, which is easy to digest, and has a light taste that is easy on the stomach. It is said that rice allergies are less likely to occur.

It is a variety that has existed in Japan for a long time and is the parent of Sasanishiki, but because it is difficult to cultivate and there are many improved varieties, Sasashigure is a valuable rice that few farmers now produce.

If you wish, you can change to Sasashigure brown rice or Akitakomachi (white rice or brown rice). Both are pesticide-free rice.
When ordering, please enter ``I would like to change to Akitakomachi brown rice.''


*The eggs in the photo are from Azusa chickens, so the shell color will be different.

*This set is not compatible with paper towels.

*Due to system specifications, your credit card charge will be finalized one week after your order, regardless of the shipping date.

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